Paul F.

If you are looking for a firm that can represent you against landlords, I would contact Real Estate Attorney Philadelphia.

James C.

As someone who purchases and sells multiple properties a year, I cannot recommend them enough!

Lisa K.

I had a landlord who withheld my personal property and deposit, and you guys helped me retrieve it rapidly.

Steve K.

Purchasing commercial property can be stressful at times, but you guys have helped me massively in representation.

Jon A.

As someone who manages multiple properties, we have multiple legal disputes. So far you have been great in every dispute.

Ken E.

I had a business litigation case that had dragged on over several years, and within a short amount of time you have helped significantly.

Samuel G.

They have represented me numerous times with disputes against tenants over the years, and have been great every time.

Leanne R.

My landlord had tried to take my furniture and other property I owned once my lease was up, and you guys stopped it immediately!

Anna D.

Thank you guys so much! You have saved me thousands in overlooked costs and I would highly recommend you!

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