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Here at Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia, our main concern is achieving the best results for our clients.

We provide the best real estate lawyer services in Philadelphia. Whether it is zoning issues, litigation or real estate planning and strategy or more, we make sure to give all of our clients the same respect and focus.

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Best Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia

If you are thinking of buying real estate in Philadelphia, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced lawyer such as Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia if you want to prevent unlawful purchases, or potentially delay closing your real estate deal. In most cases Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia supplies legal guidance for individuals relating to the purchase or sale of real estate property. Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia will ensure the transfer is legally binding, and in your best interest.

Buying property is an exciting time and the most expensive investment you will ever make.  A real estate lawyer in Philadelphia will support you in making a stress-free purchase and can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our real estate lawyer Philadelphia team will help you navigate through the legal process of buying a property, which can be complicated and time consuming if you choose to do it yourself. This is especially true if you are purchasing a home with sitting tenants.

Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia can also represent you if you have leasing issues, landlord-tenant disputes, eviction proceedings and homeowner association (HOA) issues. Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia also cover title disputes, mortgages, covenants, easements, and fair servitudes, for commercial and residential property owners and residential tenants.

Read on to help you understand why it is worthwhile to consider hiring one of real estate lawyer Philadelphia professionals to make your real estate investment as effortless as possible. 

What does a real estate lawyer do?

Although you may think it may not be necessary to hire a real estate lawyer Philadelphia professional, you should know our lawyers will use their legal skills as a qualified and licenced member of the legal profession to legally represent you if you are facing legal proceedings or complete a real estate transaction. Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia will advise, guide and warn you if you are having property disputes, and help you to anticipate a potential issue arising in your real estate negotiations.

Although Philadelphia is not an lawyer state and is optional to hire one to complete a real estate deal, we strongly recommend that you consider using a real estate lawyer Philadelphia professional as it will pay for itself in the long run. If you leave it to the real estate agent to handle the transaction, you should keep in mind that they will be representing the seller and may not have the buyer’s best interest at heart.

Our real estate lawyers Philadelphia are equipped and prepared, to evaluate any documents relating to your real estate transactions, such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents, and transfer documents, as well as close the deal.

Real Estate Lawyers Philadelphia Qualifications

All of our lawyer’s and real estate lawyers Philadelphia professionals have completed an undergraduate degree and passed the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) before being considered for acceptance to a law school. They then must pass the Bar Exam before they are qualified enough to join the Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia team.

You can be assured that our trusted real estate lawyer Philadelphia team are all licensed to practice in Philadelphia and monitor changes made to real estate laws at federal and state levels.

Here at Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia, our real estate lawyers are trained in law and will help you to prepare, review, and manage purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents, deeds, property taxes, estate planning, zoning, and transfer documents.

Real estate lawyer Philadelphia professionals will handle all the documentation in regard to purchasing a property, and prepare all the documents to close the transaction, write all the title insurance policies, do comprehensive title searches on the estate, and manage the transfer of funds and financing documentation for the buyers lender.

What does real estate law cover?

All real estate law will help you to manage the purchase and sale of real estate property including appliances and fixtures, land and any buildings or other structures attached. But does not include personal possessions of the seller or buyer.

This type of law will ensure that the proper procedures surrounding the acquisition of property, as well as any restrictions placed upon that property are proper and legally binding, which Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia take into consideration always.

Before you think about selling, purchasing, renting, or leasing a home you should be aware of the protections enshrined in law that are there to protect you from being swindled.  

Philadelphia Real Estate Protection Laws

Before buying a home, you need to be sure that you can afford the repayments and not fall into the hands of an unethical mortgage provider. In 2009, a Pennsylvania state law was passed to protect homebuyers from the mortgage industry. These new state laws now require that salespeople working within the mortgage industry must be state licensed. They must also disclose all the appropriate information and instructions required, to assist buyers to fully comprehend new mortgages, or to refinance existing products. Lenders also have a duty to ensure that borrowers are able to afford the products they are sold and do not overstretch their finances.

Chapter 75 of the PA Title 68 Real and Personal Property Statute of the current Home Inspection Law within the Pennsylvania state requires a licensed home inspector to check the property has no defects that buyers are unaware of before purchasing a property and includes the following:

  •  Whether all house contents that are included in the sale need to be repaired or replaced such as kitchen appliances and smoke detectors
  • All electrical, plumbing, and drainage systems
  • Ongoing payments such as homeowner fees and deed restrictions

If you feel a person has sold you real estate that may have violated the Seller Disclosure Law, you can contact us at Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia to set up a consultation with our Philadelphia real estate lawyer to walk you through any disagreements and advise you of the best course of action for you to take.

If you are selling real estate in the Philadelphia area through a real estate agent, the agent must disclose if they are also working on the behalf of the purchaser, if they are, the seller has the right to change their mind and go with a different agent instead, because there is an  obvious conflict of interest present.

Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia is required to state that Pennsylvania law requires that landlords have a duty to ensure that tenants are legally permitted to rent a property that is structurally sound, does not pose a health risk, and meets all safety and sanitary standards. If the landlord fails to repair or maintain these standards, the tenant has the legal right to withhold any rent due, until the repairs have been completed to a satisfactory standard.  However, the landlord must have been notified and given a reasonable chance to mend the repair. In addition, the tenant is legally entitled to withhold rent even if the landlord has not agreed to fix the issue.

Furthermore, the landlord can enter the property to mend a repair without giving the tenant prior notice, however, it would be beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant, if the landlord notifies the tenant at least 24 beforehand, doing this will retain trust within the relationship.

If you are in any doubt of any laws covering buyers and sellers, please contact our real estate lawyer Philadelphia team to give you an honest, impartial review to ensure that you are fully protected, before and after you purchase or lease your real estate.

Protections in real estate law with Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia

Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia can also help you if you are a homeowner that is leasing out your property.  Although investing in the property can be profitable when it goes well, there are many risks involved that you should be aware of, such as tenants no paying their rent on time or even stop paying at all. They may even damage the property or its contents.

Although it is not legally required, Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia would always advise you to ask for an upfront security deposit, even if you are renting to family and friends.  Under current Philadelphia state law, within the first year you can request up to two months in advance, if everything goes well in the first year and the tenant decides to stay on for another year, you can ask for one month’s security deposit.  In the third year the security deposit in placed in a bank account where interest is accrued and paid to the tenant when the lease agreement ends. The landlord must also provide the name and address of the bank where the security deposit is held in reserve. A management company or a real estate agent within the Philadelphia area can help you to comply with the rules and regulations, failing to do so and you can face paying the tenant compensation, if a tenant decides to take legal action against you.

In the event the tenant has vacated the premises and decides to hold back money to cover the cost of damages or to recover rent, the landlord has a duty to notify the tenant of any deductions from the security deposit within 30 days after the tenant has left the property. Failure to do so, and the property owner may be liable to pay twice the amount back to the tenant.

Pennsylvania Termination and Eviction Rules

If a tenant repeatedly violates the terms of their lease by significantly damaging the property, or undertaking any illegal activities such as drug dealing etc. Under Pennsylvania real estate laws, a landlord can use an unconditional quit termination notice to terminate the lease.

See the list below, for the time required by the property owner, before an eviction lawsuit can be served on the tenant.

Pennsylvania State Laws on Unconditional Quit Terminations

Statute – 68 Pa. Cons. Stat. Ann., § 250.501(b) and (d)

10 days

Non-payment of rent

15 days (lease 1 year or less or lease of unspecified time)

Violations of the terms of the lease

30 days (lease more than 1 year)

Violations of the terms of the lease

Statute – 68 Pa. Cons. Stat. Ann., § 250.505-A

10 days (any tenancy)

First conviction for illegal sale, manufacture, or distribution of an illegal drug; repeated use of an illegal drug; seizure by law enforcement of an illegal drug within the leased premises

Pennsylvania State Laws on Termination for Violation of Lease

Statute – None

Landlord can terminate with an Unconditional Quit notice.

Do I need to hire a Real Estate Lawyer to buy Real Estate in Philadelphia?

Technically no, as this is not a lawyer state such as Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. Although for reasons above, we strongly recommend that you do if you want assistance at all stages of your investment portfolio or a tenant in need of representation.

If you would like to know any more information or have any questions, contact Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia today!

Best Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia Firm

Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia is a firm that is dedicated towards bringing the highest quality service litigation and law advice to our clients. We understand how difficult it can be not only to understand the details behind real estate laws in Philadelphia, but it’s just as difficult to understand the services that you may require. It can be a confusing time, but we are here to help guide you through any legal trouble or obligations to ensure that you receive the best support possible.

Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia has a combined experience of over a century in legal matters involving real estate law. We hire lawyers not only based on their education, but their work experience. We believe in hiring the very best real estate lawyers based on their skills and quality of work provided, not simply on the school they went to.

What does a real estate lawyer do?

A real estate lawyer represents their client’s best interest for all matters related to the purchase, sale and ownership of any real estate. A real estate lawyer like Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia are experts in all real estate law. In certain states, it’s required to hire a real estate lawyer to close a home purchase or sale. This is not the case for Philadelphia. A real estate lawyer is not required for the purchase or sale of a home. But it is entirely suggested.

There are many pitfalls you could mistakenly face. While it may not necessarily be outright fraud, you could find that certain stipulations that were made throughout the purchase process is unfavourable to the point that needs to be addressed.

What does a real estate lawyer in Philadelphia do?

Although a real estate agent deals with the negotiation side of things, you need to seriously consider hiring a real estate lawyer.  People will often ask whether it is necessary to hire the services of a real estate lawyer when purchasing real estate property and land.  I mean what does a real estate lawyer do anyway. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

A real estate lawyer will work on your behalf and steer you through the legal process of buying or selling property and will be there at the close of sale, to ensure all legal requirements have been satisfied. This can be quite a lengthy process, and can cost you time, money if you fail to do it incorrectly, and you may also run the risk of another party suing you.

When hiring the services of a real estate lawyer you need to ensure that they are fully licensed to practice in the state where the deal is taking place as state and local government laws vary. Your real estate lawyer must also be kept up to date on any local or state changes that could impact a transaction. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

If your state does not require a real estate lawyer to be present at the close of sale, and you are still against the idea of hiring a real estate lawyer, you should reconsider your options. If you are buying a home, you know it does not come cheap, it is a massive investment and many things related to property can go wrong.

All documentation must be carefully scrutinised, such as property taxes, estate planning, zoning, sale transactions and disputes between parties etc. A real estate lawyer is responsible for preparing and reviewing all such documents. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

Throughout the acquisition or sale of a property transaction, a real estate lawyer will also prepare all documents, including carry out title searches on the property, writing titles, and deed documents, and checking your insurance policy. A real estate lawyer is also responsible for any federal documentation that is required in a real estate transaction for example, handling your financial transactions such purchase agreements, and managing the mortgage transfer of funds documentation for the purchaser’s lender. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

Your legal position can get very messy, without the specialist knowledge of a real estate lawyer to backing you up, especially when you are involved in a foreclosure or a short sale.

Real estate lawyers can also help you in legal matters relating to the purchase and sale of real estate property that includes land and any structures built upon it and anything that is affixed to the property or structures, such as appliances and fixtures. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

A real estate lawyer will do this with your best interests at heart, by overseeing the whole process on your behalf. They will begin with reviewing all the paperwork involved and will offer notify you if they come across any problems, or omissions within the documentation, offering you the best resolution in your situation.

There may also be issues around the general use of the property, which a real estate lawyer can help you to address.   A Real estate lawyer can help you find a dispute resolution for the following concerns:

Lease renewals

Asset management including, rent reviews, lease termination disputes, dilapidations, alterations, and sub-letting

Insolvency from liquidation, administration and receivership of landlords, tenants, sub-tenants and third parties

Property co-ownership disputes between property partners, joint venture partners, and others

Acquisition disputes

If you are either the buyer or seller and someone has broken the purchase agreement by failing to exactly follow the conditions and terms of the contract that you both agreed to, in advance of the close of sale, for instance those listed below, the injured party can legally file a complaint.  If something goes wrong with your property deal, a real estate lawyer will have you covered. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

They can help you resolve issues with mixed-use, commercial, and residential real estate, including:

Description of the property is not an accurate representation

A discrepancy in the agreed purchase or selling price

Closing date has been changed without mutual agreement

Mismatch of the arranged items included in the sale, such as appliances, carpeting, and lighting fixtures

Clear title

Poor condition of the property was concealed

Real estate professional negligence against agents, lawyer, solicitors, and valuers

Closing Costs Disputes

At the time of closing a real estate transaction, all accumulated costs that have been accrued during the process of negotiating the property deal, are then calculated by the real estate lawyer, usually within 2-5% of the overall cost of the sale. All expenses including appraisal fees, brokerage commissions and fees, costs of hiring an evaluator or a home inspector, tax fees, credit report charges and any other costs involved, are included in the calculation. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in.

The bigger the value of the property sold, the greater the expense will be. This is will often run into thousands if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars per sale. Not surprisingly, disputes and legal issues are common around legal property transactions, and often involve:

Fraudulent Loan applications

Conflict of interest against agents, valuers, and others

Distortion of the property value

A buyer or seller changes their mind and fails or refuses to return your deposit

Having a real estate lawyer by your side, who has the experience, knowledge and skills to navigate you through the completion of the sale, ensures that all proper procedures have been observed and followed during the sale or acquisition of the property, making your transaction as easy as possible and protects your legal standing, giving you piece of mind. This is something Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia specialists in, so please contact us today if you have any questions.

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