Landlord and Tenant Litigation

Landlord and Tenant Litigation Philadelphia

If you are a tenant or a property owner looking for landlord and tenant litigation advice to resolve a real estate dispute in any of the following areas, please contact the best real attorneys in Philadelphia and we will do our best to use our expertise to either avoid or resolve your litigation issues as effectively and as quickly as possible to keep your costs to a minimum:

Keep your landlord and tenant litigation costs to a minimum

  • Possession orders
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Drafting and serving notices
  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease Renewals and Terminations
  • Disputes relating to all lease provisions including repairs, alienation, alterations, service charges etc
  • Landlord and tenant solutions
  • Real estate negligence claims

Try these tips to avoid landlord and tenant litigation in Philadelphia

Avoiding court is probably better to handle disputes between landlords and tenants. Before you seek legal advice, you can try out the following top tips.

  1. Have you tried to talk to your landlord or tenant, in a calm reasonable way to help you try and resolve your issues? Sometimes, a dispute can be avoided if you try and cooperate, which is not always possible but worth a go, so if you do end up in court, you can show that you were willing to communicate with the other party.
  2. Try to sit down with the other party, in neutral territory, where you can feel safe. Better yet try to get a trained real estate mediator who will attempt to resolve any real estate issues, but try not to lose your cool as you may be seen as being unreasonable and this can quickly escalate into a costly court order being served on you.
  3. If you know you are on the right side of the argument you can contact an Arbitrator, who like mediation, will hear both sides of the argument before issuing a binding ruling, which either party must abide by.
  4. All landlords and tenants should keep all documents in order and well maintained for each of your tenant or landlord communications, these will come in handy if a tenant or landlord has broken the building or lease agreement.
  5. Contact us to provide you with an expert lawyer for advice on resolving the issue to help you settle the case out of court.
  6. If you have to go to court, then you may opt for the small claims court, which can be cheaper than going to civil or criminal court and could lead to a faster resolution.

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