How to become a real estate attorney

How to become a real estate attorney in Philadelphia

People will usually hire Attorneys to deal with real estate legal transactions. Read on if you have ever wondered what Real estate attorneys do and how to become one. Attorneys are lawyers licensed to practice law and would like to specialise in real estate law transactions, including drafting and reviewing leases, agreements of sale and mortgage documents.  Real estate attorneys Philadelphia can also discuss provisions in a real estate sales contract.

Read on for the necessary steps required to become a real estate attorney practicing in Philadelphia.

Step 1: Complete a bachelor’s degree Program

Before embarking on a law degree, you must have first obtained an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, this can take 4 years to complete. Although you do not have to major in law, it is useful for you if you complete a degree in Business, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, History, or English.

Step 2: Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

Once you have earned an undergraduate degree you will need to sit a Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) approved by the American Bar Association, this is a requirement for admittance into an ABA-accredited law school. The LSAT exam tests an individual’s reading and verbal reasoning skills and consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple-choice questions and a 35-minute writing sample.

Step 3: Earn a postgraduate Juris Doctor Degree

Once a student has passed their LSAT test and admitted into law school, they will begin a Juris Doctor Degree, that can take three years of full-time study. Some students prefer to study part-time degrees, as they continue to work, however, they will take longer to finish obtaining their degree.

Over the course of their four years of study, students will cover a wide range of laws. In the first year of attending law school, students will typically complete core modules such as Contract Law, Criminal Law, Property Law I and Public Law. In the second-year students can expect to study European Union Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Property Law II and Tort Law.  The third and fourth year will consist of elective classes, internships or clinical experiences and can include the opportunity to concentrate on real estate law. by completing coursework and transactions within the real estate field.

Step 4: Pass the Bar Exam

Now you have earned a postgraduate Juris Doctor Degree, your next step is to pass the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) bar exam. Taking this exam can vary between two to three days.  This exam consists of a multiple-choice exam with 200 questions that lasts for 6 hours.  Although it is not a requirement to gain the bar exam to practice in Philadelphia, it will open more opportunities if you decide to practice in another state.

Step 5: Begin Working as a Lawyer


Once a candidate has passed their Juris Doctor Degree or bar exam administered by, or under the authority of the Board of Law Examiners, lawyers are now able to practice real estate law in the Philadelphia area, alongside other legal practices such as Business, Probate and Contracts. 

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