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Commercial Real Estate Transactions Philadelphia


We are the Best Real Estate Attorneys in Philadelphia, and we specialise in the commercial real estate transactions Philadelphia, providing successful transactions for the buyer or seller, landlord or tenant for commercial real estate properties. We focus on the handling of all issues related to your commercial real estate transaction, from purchase agreements to the commercial leases and refinancing work-outs necessary. We will work closely with you in order to develop both an effective and a creative strategy that will provide long term protection for your short term goals, but also the maximisation of any and all long term success.
The Best Real Estate Attorneys in Philadelphia will provide you with the due diligence and legal advice for all aspects of a commercial real estate transaction you will need, including undeveloped land, mixed-use building and business properties. We have clientele that span all areas of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, and we also provide representation for commercial real estate litigation.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Philadelphia PA

Our personalized attention to detail, alongside the professional demeanour that we pride ourselves on and cordiality allow ourselves to ensure that all Philadelphia commercial real estate transaction services have the highest success rate possible, with an ever-increasing closing rate on all signed Purchase and Sale Agreements. We ensure to attend to every legal matter related to our clients, and our extensive Philadelphia commercial real estate law enables us to anticipate any obstacles and avoid conflict in the future.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Services Philadelphia

We provide significant commercial real estate transaction services to our customers in Philadelphia, which include:

Drafting of purchase and sale agreements
Reviewing real estate contracts
Lease review
Reviewing tax issues
Reviewing of offering plans and financial statements
Reviewing whether there are any unpaid real estate taxes or unpaid HPD liens against the building
Acquisition of commercial property in New York
Mortgages and real estate financing
Title examinations (title and lien searches)
Real estate closings
Mr. Wachtel’s real estate transaction practice also extends to:

Commercial Leases and Subleases

We represent commercial landlord clients in the drafting and negotiating of commercial lease terms.
Alongside this, we also perform the due diligence that is involved in the reviewing of all tenancies and leases. Commercial buildings may have dozens if not hundreds of tenants, and leases that have varying terms. A landlord can secure mortgages on a commercial building case in large upon the long term leaseholds, making the value of the building directly related to the same commercial lease terms that our team will be providing due diligence on.

Joint Ownership and Shared Ownership

Our real estate attorneys in Philadelphia will help to create joint ownership agreements with rights of survivorship or shared ownership afreements. This will seek to address and avoid any potential disputes, while also litigating partition actions for transfer or liquidation of jointly held properties.

Construction and Improvements

As the best real estate attorneys in Philadelphia, we will also aid our clients in the securing of approvals for renovations, additions and any other property amendments or improvements for commercial properties, and the permitting of construction.

Commercial Real Estate Transaction Philadelphia

Best Real Estate Attorney Philadelphia supports buyers and sellers of commercial real estate across the entire Philadelphia area. If you are looking for the very best commercial real estate transactions attorneys, contact us today!

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