About us

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Founded in 2014, our firm has built a specialist team of property law and real estate attorneys that rival the best in the US. We are committed to innovating the service we provide and being leaders of industry. Continuously and constantly reviewing cases, we provide an effective and successful litigation strategy for all clients.

Our firm has dedicated themselves to the ambition of becoming the most experienced, trusted and reputable firm in the United States. We’ve already begun achieving this objective, and our client base has been built on this ethic.

Significant success is something that we consistently strive for with our clients, and we will continue to aim for. We have a high win rate in litigation battles, and we want to continue increasing our success rate. We educate our clients on the specific cases and the paths to success, alongside the industry. We are at the forefront of real estate law and will continue to innovate.

Our firm have attracted and nurtured a talented team who have grown into specialists of their field in the United States. We continuously train our team in new aspects of law and property law specifically, to broaden our expertise.

Why us?


If you are going through a legal dispute, it can be difficult to find the right real estate attorney. You need to know that they are educated about your specific dispute, and you will win. The level of passion and dedication that we provide for each specific case we represent. Our clients are as important to us as our reputation.


Our firms’ overall goal is to strive for success in every dispute we represent a legal party for. We achieve these goals through dedication, experience and a vast understanding of property law other firms do not have. It’s important to achieve success for our own firm to grow, whether we are representing an individual or business.


The firm itself was established by our founder in his home office (which was his bedroom). After years of critical success throughout Pennsylvania, he began representing clients of all sizes in all disputes. After finding the right team to represent alongside him, the firm had grown alongside the firm’s portfolio and expertise.